Round table discussions with subject “Management of NPP’s radioactive waste – why, who, how”

On 16th February 2016, a round table meeting was held in Kozloduy regarding the management of Radioactive Waste (RAW) generated throughout the operation of the Bulgarian Nuclear Power Plant. The event was arranged jointly by State Enterprise Radioactive Waste (SERAW) and the Foundation for Environment and Agriculture (FEA).
The forum was attended by the Energy Committee to the 43th National Assembly represented by its Chairman – Delyan Dobrev, Deputy Chairman – Valentin Nikolov, Rumen Nenkov, Petya Aramova. The Ministry of Energy was represented at the round table by the Deputy Minister Zhecho Stankov, and Kozloduy NPP – by the Executive Director, Dimitar Angelov and members of the management team. The chairperson of the Management Board of FEA – Mrs. Albena Simeonova participated in the discussions along with representatives of six environmental organizations. Among the participants of the event were also the Regional Governor of Vratsa district – Malina Nikolova, representatives of Ministry of Environment and Waters, Ministry of Health, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, National Centre of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection, Ministry of Interior, local authorities and media.
During the round table session, subject to discussion were SERAW’s major projects in relation to the safe decommissioning of shutdown nuclear power units and construction of a national disposal facility for low- and intermediate level radioactive waste, the principles and legislation regarding the provision of information to the public, as well as encouraging the joint efforts in the development of strategies and policies for radioactive waste management. As part of the event, there was a visit to the RAW management facilities on Kozloduy NPP site.
“Such meetings and discussions should be arranged more often, because the issues concerning the RAW Management are important and they have to be resolved. There are no such tasks that cannot be resolved” – so said the Executive Director of SE RAW, Dilyan Petrov